Sunday, July 18, 2010

I don't know what to do nowadays...And apparantly i have spent 2 hours trying to understand the coriolis effect, and i still don't. Its so abstract and confusing to me! Actually i know i have loads of homework to do, or maybe i can say its revision i have to do...
I want to buck up my chinese but i just can't bring myself to read those newspapers. I shall try it again later.
Today...counted as quite fruitless. But theres still other days. Exam around the corner-->please. more bucking up!!
The house is too quiet. It gets boring sometimes...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

This is my so called new blog now as i deleted all my previous posts... I shall start anew!
Okay anyway, all my family members have gone and i am left alone at home. The house is creepily quiet and dark. Someone stay with me!
Today i went to the library and saw two children from china. They were using the table so i sat on the cuishion. (hit my head on the metal thing. ouch!) after they left, i used the table. then the brother came back and was finding something, looking at me and around me...minutes later he brought his sister with him and they both looked for the *thing which i dont know* and the guy said in chinese: U so busy ah? Steal things here steal things there! Erm, i was pissed. Why would i even want your stupid stuff? *sigh* They are children after all. What is there to be angry?
Its sometimes good to be alone. You get...peace. Somehow you feel so relaxed and 'yourself'. Undisturbed.
A little sad about something, but i will not say it. And disappointed. Well not really disappointment, but ...ugh nevermind.
Its 10 p.m. Early or late?